Interview with Antonio Guadagno, Author of Despair of the Seer
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Despair of the Seer

Release Date: 09/12/2023

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about Despair of the Seer
The Pithos Dominion isn’t exactly like our own. The One True God locked the Old Ones there, just a few doors down from yours. The horrors they’ve created have seeped into our world as stories. But they’re not just stories.
It’s 1980 and the Controller rules over middle America with his Revenant army. Created almost twenty years ago through government experiments on Americans, the Revenant are no longer human, but powerful super soldiers with a hunger for human flesh. A cold war has settled between the Controller and most of the world, including the United States Remnant Government. But the Controller isn’t satisfied with a stalemate and would force Eugene Roald, the Revenant Project’s lead scientist, to make them even more powerful. He sends J’Nou, First Brother of the Revenant, after Eugene Roald’s son, Paxton.
Paxton Roald is the only one who knows where his father is and he won’t tell, even after J’Nou shows up and attacks his mother. It’s time for him to go on the run, not only running away from J’Nou, but toward his father. Along with his best friend, he will find the one he blames for all of this, and forgiveness isn’t in his heart.

About This Author

Antonio Guadagno is a writer, programmer, and animator. At home in the mountains or on the beach, he prefers to travel with his wife and six kids when possible. Washed in the blood of Jesus Christ, he is forgiven much.

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