Blue Shadows SR Carson
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Blue Shadows

Release Date: 08/15/2023

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about Blue Shadows
The surgeon saves lives but knows when to pull the trigger.

Dr. Wyatt Barton, a retired CIA operative and now civilian surgeon reluctantly accepts a call to leave retirement and participate in one last Black Ops mission. Meanwhile a charming and well-respected U.S. defense firm executive hides in plain sight and secretly plots high-tech terror attacks in the sleepy, self – absorbed United States. The overseas mission is compromised and during the battle, the terrorist leader’s son is killed and Wyatt is now targeted for assassination by the embedded terrorist organization.

Dr. Barton suffers injuries during the battle, experiences a near death experience, and sees the light. When he regains consciousness and life, he remembers the message he received from the light: He will receive a gift but only if he heeds the specific moral warning that comes with it. Although his civilian surgical career and his relationship with his lover are threatened by his experience and his apparently worsened PTSD, he eventually realizes this gift may somehow allow him to eliminate the evil terrorist and his dangerous organization.

He doesn’t want to be a vigilante, but he struggles with how to use this gift to eliminate the terrorist threat and protect the woman he loves while desperately trying to preserve his soul by keeping the moral obligation the gift demands of him.
Warning to readers: If you don’t like fast-paced action, romance, gallows and self-deprecating humor, heroism in battle, and a small taste of faith in the power of the almighty, then, you should definitely avoid this book and read poetry.

About This Author

S.R. Carson is a physician who practices three sub-specialties in the Mountain West where bears occasionally visit him.  He also writes suspense novels, thrillers and non – fiction books, as well as a blog that includes brief pieces on multiple subjects.  Dr. Carson enjoys an active lifestyle, traveling and fine wine. His latest work, Blue Shadows, is a military thriller with a strong medical background, as well as a spiritual twist that forms the background of one of the conflicts that the protagonist carries with him on his quest. This will be the first book in a series. Blog/website:

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