Back to the West WC Augustine
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Back to the West

Release Date: 06/18/2024

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about Back to the West
Adam Duval was struggling in a typical high school in an average midwestern town. It was not that he lacked intelligence or drive. His difficulty could be attributed to his curious mind and daring demeanor.

His short height and proclivity for raising the wrong questions in class made him a pariah to girls seeking to fit the mold.

Disciplined for his latest escapade outside the paradigm of accepted thought, he was confined to his bedroom. He sought solace by picking up a book by his favorite western author. Mysteriously, he soon found himself on a three-year journey.

The journey took him to a place where reward was dispersed upon merit, not compliance.

About This Author

W.C. (Bill) Augustine, author of the Atlas Rising trilogy, and Shades of Green and A Wagon Train Legacy, is a former Iowa pig farmer and entrepreneur who attended a one-room schoolhouse through the third grade.
He is a sixth-generation farmer, who after studying agriculture and economics, innovated techniques in agronomy and animal husbandry. After leaving agriculture, he spent years throughout the country as a business consultant in a variety of industries. His specialty was financial analysis and employee incentive programs. His business experiences range from a farm to a large corporate board of directors. He continues advising businesses on exit strategies.
He has unabashedly expressed his libertarian-conservative opinions throughout his life. From president of his college young Republicans to a county Iowa GOP chair, he continues to write political essays and enjoys public speaking.
After spending time in Chicagoland, he moved to Texas. Bill has two children and four grandchildren. His wife, Dr. Sue Augustine, is also an author, and they enjoy many hobbies including painting and gardening.

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