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Release Date: 02/15/2022

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From the author:

“Existence, the universe, or whatever you might like to call it is not benign. It doesn’t care for the suffering of its living, feeling components and might well be unaware of them.

It is endlessly self-organizing. The simplest particles combine into ever more complex structures, bringing into being things which once didn’t exist. Life is a good example of this, followed by consciousness and finally pain. What horrors are left to come into existence in the future one doesn’t know.

Above all, existence favours the survival of evil processes over any other. Billions of years ago, cells which hitherto had derived their energy from the sun started to steal this energy by consuming other cells. The era of survival along with others came to an end and in came the era of survival at others’ expense. Now, we have a situation where most life eats other life.

The most unpleasant, most organized and most intelligent life form is Humankind …the Anthropoid”

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