A Most Uncivil War
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A Most Uncivil War

Release Date: 06/28/2022


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about A Most Uncivil War

Freedom is always worth fighting for!

Newmerica was forged out of a violent coup that superimposed a socialist state over what had been the United States of America. For five years into their rule, the progressives have had their way in dismantling every aspect of American life. Out of the shadows, a new American President has been sworn in, threatening their grip on the nation. The Newmerican’s are unwilling to turn over the reins of power setting the stage for a conflict unlike any other.

As a second American Civil War erupts, a unique ensemble of characters must struggle to find their place in the conflict and survive. One is a war veteran struggling with his reputation and deep personal loss.Another is a covert agent who must rescue a freedom fighter trapped behind the lines. Another is a Secret Service Director on a race against time with an assassin. A college student tries to hide from social enforcers bent on making an example of her, and a military commander must face the ultimate test in battle. Against the backdrop of a Presidential election that might fracture the nation even further, the enemies of freedom show their true colors and the depths they will go to hold onto power.

Woven from the tapestry of today’s headlines, Blaine Pardoe presents the gripping second book in the Blue Dawn series. One thing is certain, this internal struggle for control of the American way of life will be a most uncivil war!

About This Author

Blaine Pardoe is a New York Times Bestselling and award winning author of numerous books in the true crime, science fiction, military non-fiction, paranormal, and business management genres.  He has appeared on a number of national television and radio shows to speak about his books. Mr. Pardoe has been a featured speaker at the US National Archives, the United States Navy Museum, and the New York Military Affairs Symposium.  He was awarded the State History Award in 2011 by the Historical Society of Michigan and is a silver medal winner from the Military Writers Society of America in 2010.  In 2013 Mr. Pardoe won the Harriet Quimby Award from the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame for his contributions to aviation history.  Mr. Pardoe has been a speaker at CrimeCon 2018 speaking about the Colonial Parkway Murders. He has been an author and designer in the gaming industry since 1985. He has authored numerous science fiction novels in the BattleTech/MechWarrior universe. Outside of the gaming industry, he is an accomplished historian and bestselling author in the military history, business management, and true crime genres.  Blue Dawn is his first political thriller. His books have even been mentioned on the floor of the U.S. Congress.  His works have been printed in six languages and he is recognized world-wide for his historical and fiction works.   He can be followed via Twitter (@bpardoe870), on Facebook, and his blog http://blainepardoe.wordpress.com/  

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