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Almost five years ago America as everyone knew it, came to an abrupt end in a spectacular coup d’etat. It was called the Liberation by those progressives and radicals that screamed for its outcome; the Fall, by its victims whose freedoms were trampled. The White House and the Capitol were overrun by anarchists and the leaders of the once proud nation were either imprisoned or sent to Social Quarantine Camps. The President was arrested and eventually died in prison, or so everyone was led to believe. America was rebooted in a new progressive/socialist image, Newmerica. The United States of old was gone, its history erased and rewritten, its icons destroyed. By the time people tried to organize resistance it was too late. The citizens lost their history, their flag, their traditions, their freedoms, and their leaders. Newmerica is a state of reparations, citizens turning on citizens, where even the churches are targets of social justice.

Five years later, an unlikely group of patriots emerges from the shadows seeking a restoration of their nation. Two Secret Service agents struggle with their secrets from the night of the Fall. One son of a patriotic college professor struggles with his father’s legacy and the important artifacts that his father managed to preserve. A young man finds himself face-to-face with the lies the Newmerica government has told him and forced to become a fugitive. A covert operative of the new government seeks out the truth about the ‘traitor-President’s’ fate while coming to terms with her own dark past. Twists of fate or destiny bring these people together with the mission of trying to save what is left of the once-United States.

Time is running out as the forces of the government hunt down this group of renegades – hoping to smother, once and for all, any trace of what was America.

Ripped from today’s headlines, bestselling and award-winning author Blaine Pardoe presents an eerily realistic view of an alternate history political thriller where conservatism is a crime and patriotism is treason.

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