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The Publishing Process at Defiance Press

We’re thrilled by the interest and questions flooding our inbox, DMs, and phone lines about our submission process! We’re here to shed light on this process and address all your queries proactively, so you won’t even need to reach out.

Submit Your Manuscript

To start, when submitting a manuscript, whether fiction or nonfiction, please share the complete manuscript. Simply outlining your book’s essence isn’t sufficient for our decision-making—we need to dive into the manuscript itself. Rest assured, it will not be shared elsewhere and will only be read by our submissions editors. It is also important to note that we’re not a vanity publisher; not every submission gets published.

During the review period, you’ll receive informative emails detailing our publishing approach. Opting out of these emails might limit opportunities for promotion and appearances if your manuscript gets accepted.

Publish or Polish

If your work aligns with our audience’s interests, we’ll contact you via email to arrange a phone call. However, if your manuscript doesn’t fit our current needs, we’ll suggest ways for improvement for resubmission to us or to other publishers. Please understand that we do not provide free Developmental Editing and will not send you details on how to change your book or story.

Phone Call

During our call, we’ll address all your questions and propose either a traditional or partner publishing agreement. Yet, let’s keep realistic expectations—while we all dream of the multimillion-dollar Stephen King deal, today’s market dynamics might differ.

Working with our Teams

If you decide to proceed with us, both our editorial and marketing teams will reach out. Our editorial team will refine your manuscript, handle cover design, and determine the book’s availability.

Simultaneously, our marketing department will collaborate with you on social media strategies, marketing endeavors, press opportunities, and craft marketing materials for your book.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to our exclusive Facebook authors group, where we offer group coaching on the ins and outs of being a published author.

Ready for Publication

We hope this clarifies your initial queries, and we eagerly await your manuscript submission. Defiance Press and its imprints have introduced a new author and book each week in 2023, with even bigger plans for 2024. We can’t wait to collaborate with you!

If you’re ready to submit your manuscript, click here now.

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