Released October 20, 2020, Crude Intent: An Alex Sheridan Thriller by Elizabeth Jeffett

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Elizabeth Jeffett is a native Texan, a proud mother of two children, and a patriotic businesswoman. A lifelong entrepreneur, she has worked in the business of professional tennis, invests in real estate and oil and gas as well as other interests. The author divides her time between Dallas and Aspen, Colorado where she competes at tennis and paddleboards with the family’s English bulldogs. Her debut book, Silent Partners: An Alex Sheridan Thriller was released in April 2020.

Elizabeth’s new book, Crude Intent: An Alex Sheridan Thriller releasing in October 2020.

ABOUT THE BOOK – Crude Intent

Announcing Crude Intent, the 2nd book in the Alex Sheridan Thriller series and sequel to Silent

Partners by Dallas author and entrepreneur, Elizabeth Jeffett

High-powered business woman Alex Sheridan dominates in the cut-throat world of oil and gas wild- catting and triumphs over murder, lies and deceit.

In the page turning mystery, suspense, romance, Alex Sheridan thrills to the last exciting page; inspired by the author’s friends in the riveting world of professional tennis and legends like Billie Jean King as well as Texas Icons Mary Kay, Ebby Holiday and Nancy P. Jeffett, author Elizabeth Jeffett has created a true hero protagonist.

“Jeffett is a native Texas novelist who seems to personally know her characters and writes like she is not afraid of them. Crude Intent, is a perfect page-turning follow-up to her debut novel, Silent Partners. Suspenseful and sexy, she puts you in the room with good old-fashioned storytelling at its best.”

Ron Hall, author, New York Times #1 bestseller, Same Kind of Different as Me

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Book format: Hardcover, eBook, Audiobook

ISBN: 978-1948035651

Publisher: Defiance Press and Publishing


Elizabeth Jeffett is an entrepreneur with extensive experience and contacts in the nonprofit and professional tennis business. She is a member of the International Lawn Tennis Club of the United States of America, Vice-President and Trustee of the Maureen Connolly Brinker Tennis Foundation, and a past Board Member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame where she serves on several committees including the Annual Fund. She served as Vice Chairperson of the International Committee. In addition, she is Chairperson of the Maureen Connolly Challenge Trophy annual event between USA and Great Britain, and she served on the United States Davis-Federation Cup committee. Ms. Jeffett owns and operates Jeffett Investment properties, LLC and King Air Partners, LLC, a real estate investment company and Jeffett Tennis Enterprises, LLC. She is an advisory board member and consultant to, Causemo, Inc., an innovative software company created to help causes reach donors and raise money. She has served as a consulting minority owner of Denver based Oil company, Will source Enterprise for over 10 years. She is a Dallas County Precinct Chairman for her precinct and politically active supporter of the constitution, free enterprise and prosperity for all.

Prior to serving in these capacities, Ms. Jeffett served as Director and Board Chairman of the Center for Urban Ministry at Wake Forest University, Co-Founder and President of Brinker-Jeffett Communications, Chairperson of the Maureen Connolly Challenge Trophy event between USA and Great Britain (1992, 2007), Executive Director of the Virginia Slims of Dallas (also known as the Avon Championships of Dallas), Executive Director and Tournament Director of the Virginia Slims of Denver, Tournament Marketing Director of World Team Tennis in Dallas and Houston markets, Marketing and Sales-Brigestone World Doubles-Fort Worth, Texas. Ms. Jeffett also participated with the North American Tournament Directors Association. She competed as a nationally ranked junior player. Visit her online at

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