Interview with Rob Bryant, Author of Fraud President

What is your book about? 

Interview with Rob Bryant, Author of Fraud President

I discovered validated election integrity issues occurring in the last four elections and will again unless changes are made!  Unfortunately, by design, many official state election laws increase voter fraud!  America’s dubious view of recent elections has a solid basis. Unfortunately, the current and official state election laws, increase voter fraud, and what is worse, by design it is virtually undetectable!

Is the book fiction or nonfiction? 

The Fraud President is a fiction page-turner. This book satisfies the insatiable appetite for this timely topic. Voters want their vote to count. While the main characters are fictitious; Fraud President is based upon actual events, voter fraud methods, court cases and news reports. The text provides enough detail, so readers can google actual events if they wish.

Why introduce fictional characters?

I used fictional characters to attract readers. The book includes fascinating voter fraud methods yet contains thrills such as murder, romance, intrigue, mystery, and suspense. The main character is a former Special Operations US Marine – this training saves his life several times. The story begins two years before a presidential election, but the year is not specified, so the story will remain timely in the future. Readers will not know what to believe until the final chapter. The ironic ending depicts poetic justice.

Is the book conservative or liberal? 

It is neither.  The twenty-five election integrity issues have been used by both sides in all fifty states. This is not a political book.  There is no reference to political party, conservative, liberal, republican, democratic or independent.

Is the book timely and applies to future elections?

Millions of US citizens predicted unprecedented voter fraud in the 2020 election. With what happened, now they passionately believe it. Therefore, this book is timely and has tens of millions of potential readers. The Fraud President paves the way for the completed second book in the series, John Jacobson. With network and news organizations focusing on voter fraud, it is a HOT topic.  n July 19, 2017, President Trump announced the establishment of a bipartisan committee to investigate voter fraud. It found the lack of Voter ID cannot stop or even detect voter fraud.  Accusations of voter fraud by the press, law enforcement and both political parties are sadly an almost daily occurrence. Political news networks are currently the highest rated news channels.

How many election integrity issues did you find? 

This book contains exhaustive research of over twenty-five voter fraud techniques actively used today. These weaknesses include lack of voter ID, multiple voting, hacking, fraudulent voting for inactive and deceased voters, destruction or invalidation of ballots, attacks on polling places, vote buying, misinformation to confuse voters, vote manipulation, and misuse of proxy votes, provisional, absentee, and early voting ballots.

Can you describe your research? 

As a PhD, and after hundreds of hours of exhaustive research into the shortcomings of recent elections, the book focuses on voting weaknesses within eleven battleground states (but applicable to all states). I utilize information from each state’s own official DOS website. This book contains exhaustive study of current voter fraud cases and cyber techniques. As an ardent reader of such books myself, I developed the ideas for this book.

What is the market for your book? 

Half of the country will read The Fraud President to defend their candidate. The other half will read it in support of their beliefs. The topic, the characters, and the focus on real-life scandalous candidates make this a high sales novel. The markets comprise of nonfiction books previously on top of the bestseller lists such as Foolproof by Barbara D’Amato, The Vote by T. D. Patterson, and Dark Horse by Ralph Reed. Similar novels are Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Identity, Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, and John Davis’ Blood Line. According to the NY Best Sellers list, millions of thrillers and action, mystery, political novels sell per year to author fans, travelers, libraries, digital and hard copy book markets, and avid readers.

Can you give us a summary of your bio? 

I am a PhD, retired VP, College Professor, Business Analyst, and World-Renowned Motivator. I spoke to over 500 organizations. Over 200 newspapers,100 radio stations, 50 TV stations and 25 magazines covered my story. I received accolades from: George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Tom Landry, Zig Ziglar, presidents, governors, congressmen and mayors  I learned to walk again with braces and crutches after a 55’ fall causing paralysis from the waist down. I also hold a Guinness World Record for Rowing 3,280 miles from Los Angeles to Washington DC. See for more information.

Do you speak about the book and your findings? 

I speak on the subject of election integrity.  This is not a political speech. There is no reference to political party.  I speak using a data packed PowerPoint presentation.  I also include motivational messages from my life overcoming paralysis and setting the Guinness World Record for rowing.  My speech shows the lack of election integrity in 2020, 2022 and will again in 2024  The PowerPoint includes a description of each election integrity issue, where and when it occurred, and steps to reduce and hopefully eliminate voter fraud. 

Excerpt from Fraud President:

Todd said, “Therefore, be careful. But remember the local press, authorities, and constituents are on our side. Remember, the only way to prosecute us is to prosecute Senator Adams. Hell, he’s suspected of several felonies, and some go back decades. However, the FBI won’t do a thing. So, if they catch us at a few things, who cares, nothing will happen. So, don’t worry.”

There was no response, so Todd continued, “So let’s recap: 1) we use a limited number of illegal aliens, felons, and refugees with no valid ID; 2) we’ll use Virus A on one or two machines that contain paper trails and Virus B on the scanned votes; 3) we’ll count some provisional ballots on our side, and eliminate the other side’s; 4) we’ll arrange attacks on polling places; 5) we’ll buy votes; 6) we’ll use misinformation to confuse voters; and 7) we’ll lose as many of the other side’s absentee and early voting ballots. Questions?”

“This is a lot to remember. Can you send us an outline of all that we’ve discussed?”

“Yes, innovative idea. We’ll do that.” Todd responded, making a note.

“So far, everything you’ve covered is what we’ll do. What is Senator Adams doing at his level?” someone asked.

Todd answered excitedly, “I’m happy to report that in almost every battleground state, local politicians on Senator Adams’ side are manipulating the outcome by moving precinct boundaries to include inner cities with more rural precincts, thus increasing liberal votes. They’re also disenfranchising voters by removing the other party’s voters from registered rolls. Lastly, they’re busy creating ballots that are misleading and/or confusing. Hell, California and New York do all three of these before every general election. Ya gotta love it!”

There were indistinct murmurs of approval and even cheers from the wardens.”

Todd asked, “Any questions?”

“Yes, what about evidence?” a warden asked.

“I’m glad you asked. This was the last point on my list. This is of paramount importance. You must destroy the outline I send you and remove the two viruses from the systems before you leave your precinct on Election Day! Understood?”

Attendees responded, “Understood, yep, clever idea….”

There were a few more questions, so Todd and Fred answered them one by one over the course of another hour. With all questions answered, Todd and Fred gave the attendees their cell phone numbers so that they could text any additional questions before Election Day. Todd and Fred sent an outline of the voter-fraud techniques which included:

  1. Lack of voter ID
  2. Non-paper-based voting-machines
  3. Computer virus
  4. Abuse of ballots: Proxy, Provisional, Absentee and Early
  5. Multiple voting: ballot box stuffing, voter impersonation, ballot harvesting, voting for inactive voters and voting in more than one state.
  6. Ineligible voting: unregistered voters, felons, refugees and illegal aliens
  7. Destruction or invalidation of legitimate ballots
  8. Attacks on polling places
  9. Vote buying
  10. Creation of misleading and/or confusing ballots
  11. Media/political misinformation to confuse voters
  12. Vote manipulation of the blind, the mentally disabled, elderly, inebriated and other groups incapable of making informed choices.
  13. Voter suppression

When the call ended, the precinct wardens excitedly began the task of voter-fraud in their state with slight modifications for each based up state election integrity weaknesses. The plan was in motion and nothing or no one could stop them.  Little did they know….

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