Defiance Press & Publishing Signs ‘Ruby’s Prayer’ Author to Book Deal

Defiance Press & Publishing, LLC announced a multi-book deal with author Ronald H. Keyser, a Texas-based author.

“Ron Keyser has a special talent for writing novels that weave history and intriguing characters into a powerful story. We were fortunate enough to be the initial publisher for “Ruby’s Prayer” and we will re-release this title in timing with the planned launch of the feature film movie based on the book which is set in the historic Old West during the post-Civil War era,” stated Defiance Press’ president, David Thomas Roberts.

Truth Entertainment acquired the movie rights to “Ruby’s Prayer” in 2016, and was the production company for the “Dallas Buyer’s Club” which was nominated for six Academy Awards, winning three – including the Oscar for Best Actor for leading man Matthew McConaughey.

Roberts added, “We are very excited to have also signed Mr. Keyser for his greatly anticipated next title, ‘Roped & Tied,’ due out in 2018. Mr. Keyser is a special talent and we are proud to be his publisher.”

“Roped & Tied” is Keyser’s fictional story of Sharlette Jones, a young woman from a well-to-do family who gives up a life of privilege to marry and travel the professional rodeo circuit with Ray Stoper, a dashing young tie-down roper, who over the years firmly establishes himself as the best of all time. The story’s backdrop paints a vivid picture of the highs and lows of professional rodeo life, but the plot also exposes the weaknesses of the main characters, from excessive drug and alcohol abuse, to turning their backs on family and friends, adultery and family violence. The story is about good times and bad, and the lengths Sharlette and Ray are willing to go to establish their legacy in one of the most competitive sports in the country. That same drive however, could also be the reason they lose their grip on the one thing they wanted the most.

Roberts added, “Defiance Press and Publishing is very, very proud to add Mr. Keyser to our growing family of conservative and liberty-minded authors, with both fiction and nonfiction works that are truly thought-provoking.”

A native-born Texan, Ronald H. Keyser is an avid Texas history enthusiast and spent considerable time researching the Texas prison system and 1880s-era Huntsville, Texas for the background on “Ruby’s Prayer.” Encouraged by his wife Lori, he started writing in his late 40s. Mr. Keyser lives in the Houston, Texas area with his wife.

Defiance Press and Publishing, LLC is a traditional publisher of fiction, non-fiction and children’s books under its Bluebonnet Kids imprint. Defiance Press is located in Conroe, Texas, a suburb of Houston. Defiance Press’ notable titles include “Patriots of Treason,” “A State of Treason,” Ruby’s Prayer,” “Fall of the Western Empire” and “Unemployable.”

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