Events and Author Appearances


General Events

Defiance Press & Publishing Will Be Attending:

November 7th, 2018 -    Texas Writer's Club Meeting @ 7pm
                                         Spring Creek BBQ - Shenandoah
                                         19099 Interstate 45 N, Shenandoah, TX 77385
April 3-6, 2018 - TLA Conference
June 8-9, 2018 - Wimberley Book Festival
June 14-16, 2018 - Texas Republican Convention (San Antonio)
July 27 - 29, 2018  - AME - Authors Marketing Event (Dallas) 
                              David Thomas Roberts - Keynote Speaker
September 19th, 2018 - Texas Writer's Club Meeting @ 6:30pm
                                        Spring Creek BBQ - Shenandoah
                                        19099 Interstate 45 N, Shenandoah, TX 77385 
                                        Special Guest - David Thomas Roberts
October 10th, 2018 -     Texas Writer's Club Meeting @ 6:30pm
                                        Spring Creek BBQ - Shenandoah
                                        19099 Interstate 45 N, Shenandoah, TX 77385
                                        Special Guest - Jeff Forward - Editor of The Woodlands Villager

Upcoming Author Appearances

Misty Boyd
December 13, 2018 5-7pm
Barnes & Noble Baybrook, Webster TX
Book Signing Event

Past Author Appearances

Author Date Venue City ST
Misty Boyd 2018-12-13 Barnes & Noble Baybrook Webster TX
Misty Boyd 2018-11-15 Savvy Business Radio
Marvin Tyson 2018-11-12 Barnes & Noble Baybrook Webster TX
Marvin Tyson 2018-11-01 Interview with Doc Greene
Daniel Miller 2018-10-24 Interview with Doc Greene
Misty Boyd 2018-10-19 Interview with Doc Greene
Jeff Kirkham 2018-10-18 Interview with Doc Greene
David Thomas Roberts 2018-09-19 Texas Writer's Club Shenandoh TX
Amber Manning 2018-09-14 Word Wrangler Book Festival Giddings TX
Misty Boyd 2018-08-06 Spirit Catholic Radio Network
Ronald Keyser 2018-07-31 DEAR Texas
Daniel Miller 2018-07-07 Barnes & Noble - Baybrook Webster TX
Daniel Miller 2018-06-23 Barnes & Noble - Parkdale Beaumont TX
Daniel Miller 2018-06-16 Barnes & Noble - San Pedro San Antonio TX
Daniel Miller 2018-05-27 Barnes & Noble - Tyler Tyler TX
Ransom Grey 2018-05-16 DEAR Texas Radio Interview
Daniel Miller 2018-05-13 AM 1030 KVOI Liberty Watch Tucson AZ
Marvin Tyson 2018-05-09 DEAR Texas Radio Interview
Marvin Tyson 2018-05-09 KLRN Radio
Daniel Miller 2018-05-08 The Josh Tolley Show Madison WI
Daniel Miller 2018-05-07 GDPR Revolution 99 Reistertown MD
Daniel Miller 2018-05-07 The Wall - Radio Show (KURV) McAllen TX
Daniel Miller 2018-05-06 The Roy Green Show
Misty Boyd 2018-05-02 DEAR Texas Radio Interview
Daniel Miller 2018-04-30 Texas Standard Radio Show NPR TX
Amber Manning 2018-04-28 Conroe Kidz Fest Conroe TX
Daniel Miller 2018-04-27 The Schilling Show Charlottesville VA
Daniel Miller 2018-04-24 The Lars Larson Show Portland OR
Daniel Miller 2018-04-19 Varney & Company New York NY
Daniel Miller 2018-04-18 La Prensa Bilingual Newspaper San Antonio TX
Daniel Miller 2018-04-17 Chosen Generation Radio Show Bandera TX
Daniel Miller 2018-04-17 Motherhood Moment
Daniel Miller 2018-04-16 The Bill Meyer Show Medford OR
Misty Boyd 2018-04-16 Coffeetime Radio Show Plentywood MT
Daniel Miller 2018-04-04 Texas Freedom Cast
Daniel Miller 2018-04-03 Gary Rivers Show South Canton OH
Amber Manning 2018-03-22 Coldspring School Visit Coldspring TX
Daniel Miller 2018-03-22 Late Afternoons Harrisonburg VA
Daniel Miller 2018-03-21 Daybreak USA Radio Interview Phoenix
Amber Manning 2018-03-09 Sherman ISD - Elementary School Sherman TX
Amber Manning 2018-03-02 Woodlands Children's Museum The Woodlands TX
Amber Manning 2018-02-28 CBS Austin - We Are Austin Austin TX
Daniel Miller 2018-02-21 DEAR Texas Radio Interview
Amber Manning 2018-02-01 DEAR Texas Radio Interview
David Thomas Roberts 2018-01-30 DEAR Texas Radio Interview
Amber Manning 2018-01-24 Cleveland ISD Cleveland TX
Amber Manning 2017-12-06 Palestine ISD Palestine TX
Amber Manning 2017-11-15 Klein ISD - Elementary School Spring TX
Amber Manning 2017-11-09 Willis ISD-Elementary School Willis TX
Amber Manning 2017-10-28 Lone Star Community Radio-104.5 FM/106.1 FM Conroe TX
Amber Manning 2017-10-19 Cannan Elementary Willis TX
Amber Manning 2017-10-07 The Twig Book Shop San Antonio TX
Amber Manning 2016-10-17 Dayton ISD-Elementary school Dayton TX