Conservative Literary Agents

Conservative Literary Agents

Defiance Press is a publishing company that offers a unique approach to the traditional publishing process through its partner publishing model.

This model allows authors to bypass the need for a literary agent, especially if they have faced difficulties finding an agent who shares their political or social views.

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Partner publishing is a collaborative process between the author and the publisher, where both parties work together to produce and market a book.

This approach offers many benefits over traditional publishing, especially for authors who may have had difficulty finding a literary agent or getting their book published through traditional channels.

One of the biggest benefits of partner publishing is that authors retain control over their work.

Unlike traditional publishing, where the publisher takes control of the book’s content and marketing, partner publishing allows the author to make decisions about the book’s design, cover art, and promotional materials.

This level of control can be essential for authors who have a specific vision for their book and want to ensure that it is presented to readers exactly as they envisioned it.

>>I Want To Get My Book Published<<

Partner publishing also offers faster turnaround times than traditional publishing. Rather than waiting months or even years for a literary agent to represent them and a traditional publisher to pick up their book, authors can work directly with Defiance Press to get their book published within 6-7 months. This is especially important for authors who have time-sensitive material, such as political commentary or a memoir about a recent event.

Another upside to partner publishing is that authors receive a higher percentage of royalties than they would with traditional publishing. Traditional publishers typically offer authors a small percentage of book sales, while partner publishing allows authors to earn a larger share of the profits. This is a significant financial incentive for authors, especially those who are looking to eventually make a living from their writing.

Finally, partner publishing allows authors to tap into the marketing resources and expertise of the publisher. Defiance Press has a team of marketing professionals who can help authors promote their book through social media, email marketing, and other channels. This is a monstrous advantage for authors who are inexperienced in marketing their work.

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