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Author & Educator
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Bob Pollock was educated at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville where he received his BS, then later at Indiana University for his MS.  After graduating from Tennessee, he enrolled in the Naval Officer Program at Pensacola, Florida, and went on to serve aboard the USS Saint Paul (CA-73) in the Engineering Department from 1965-1969.   After returning to civilian life, Bob was a teacher, school administrator, and college professor for over 35 years.  Upon retiring from Georgian Court University, he moved back to Knoxville, TN where he now lives and follows his passion for United States history and writing.

During his naval career, Bob traveled throughout the Pacific region and visited numerous countries where he became acquainted with both the people and their cultures.  After retirement, he traveled throughout Europe and spoke to many people about their experiences and views of the world as well.  These encounters provided an appreciation for the diversity of people and lifestyles around the world.  For the last two years, Bob has traveled and spoken with immigrants from a wide variety of countries in an effort to distill those features of America they find most compelling. These experiences made him even more appreciative of the many qualities and attributes embodied in this great country and what it is that draws so many to her shores.

Books By Robert Pollock

America the Beautiful