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Author, Journalist
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Jane Johnson worked at the BBC for twelve years as a journalist and TV producer covering current affairs worldwide. She spent ten years working in Singapore where she founded her media company MACH2 Pte Ltd with Andrew Crilly. She currently lives in the United States and produces interactive packages for promotional and informational purposes. This work takes her to many countries including Korea, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines. Her immediate media engagements will take her to the UK and continental Europe.

Jane has had the good fortune to work across diverse media formats. She has produced and directed TV commercials, corporate videos, informational and educational DVDs, media events, broadcast spots for educational materials and also undertaken photographic assignments for book publications.

This range of experience proved to be a foundation for Jane to help establish a Hawaii-based leadership institute called the New Institute which teaches leadership courses to qualified students. She has instructed a succession of young leaders from the USA and Korea by working in partnership with the famed Leadership Institute based in Washington DC, USA. Additionally, she produced several series of TV-based programs, including servant leadership presented by Kent Keith, former President of PacRim University and a founder of the discipline of servant leadership. She also produced a major series on US constitution studies presented by Wallbuilders, the recognised experts in the basic principles of honoring values that ensure democracy in the America.

Jane is currently coauthoring a portfolio of books with Andrew Crilly on topics that range from politics, science, technology, financial risk, to public health. She coproduced the broadcast and streaming TV Series Issues Alive with Andrew Crilly.

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