December's Soldiers

Marvin Tyson

Defiance Press, 2018


The governor/president was glad the delegates had seen fit to forgo any retributive language in the Declaration; there was no good to come of making a list of “evils” done by their former partners. Instead, they made a simple statement;

“Knowing that Nature and Nature’s God has bestowed the right on all people to govern their own affairs, and to chart their own course into the future, for themselves and their posterity, we declare that Texas is henceforth and forevermore a Free and Independent, Sovereign Nation/State, and has all the powers and authorities of any other Sovereign Nation/State upon the Earth. We rely upon Almighty God and his protection to keep it so.”
The powerful men who approved that Declaration of Independence would soon learn that the future of Texas and its liberty would be placed in the hands of a new Texan and very pregnant former Washington D.C. call girl and a handful of old cattlemen.

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| ISBN: 9781948035064 | Publication Date: 05/14/2018