Purge on the Potomac

David Thomas Roberts

Defiance Press, 2018

Iconic lawman and Texas Ranger Pops Younger has never relied on “Conspiracy Theories” when it came to solving crimes.  But the murder of a Texas State Senator was beginning to look more and more like a conspiracy.  When former CIA operate and Special Forces veteran Zach Turner divulges reliable intelligence to Younger that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was secretly assassinated and made to look like an accident, Younger’s instincts immediately kicks in.  Although generations apart in age the two team together and begin to dissect a diabolical plot by the Deep State that extends to the highest reaches of government – including the Oval Office. Intermediaries of the Deep State entice the top Russian spy Vasily Volkov, winner of the Russian’s highest honor - the Order of Lenin to go rogue and execute a ruthless scheme to overturn a Presidential election, change the balance of the Supreme Court and eliminate any and all political enemies.  But Younger digs in to uncover the plot while Turner faces the challenge of his own militia leaders going rogue on their own to counter the actions of the Deep State within the federal government.  Not until a Deep State operative is captured does Younger learn the lengths at which the Deep State will go to keep power.  The convergence of a complex calamity comes full circle when Marine One is shot down leaving the White House Lawn by a shoulder-fired crashing at the base of the Lincoln Memorial and the Deep State erupts into a cataclysmic – and totally unexpected ending! 

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Paperback | ISBN: 9780998770468 | Publication Date: 08/30/2018


Roberts’ twisted tale is filled with motifs that seem almost like the new normal in the current American political life: rumors of rigged elections, Russian involvement, a power-hungry leadership, and the failure of moderates to act for a just cause - all for the sake of staying in office.

Purge on the Potomac by David Thomas Roberts, focusing on the grit and ethics of men like Younger and highlighting the dogged sense of independence that Texans, in general, seem to exude. A few glimpses of the characters’ private lives and tenderer feelings give emotional tone to this hard-edged and sometimes violent saga.

– Chanticleer Reviews (Five Star Review)
To call the vision David Thomas Roberts presents in this book “chilling” would be an understatement. This book will give you a good look at what would have been and possibly still could be our future. Lots of excitement, cloaks, and daggers along the way and even a few joyful whoops as our heroes deliver again! Whatever you may have been expecting, you will not see it coming when you read   “Purge on the Potomac”!   - Doc Greene, host, American Voice Radio
“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” we’re told.  Ted Cruz called the DC lobby the “Washington Cartel”. In the Texas legislature, we refer to it as the “Austin Cartel”. “Purge on the Potomac” is an engrossing and sobering read of what could come to be in the absence of a vigilant Texas. We must take back from those who wish to enrich themselves at the expense of our liberty. So goes Texas, so goes America.  - Honorable Steve Toth, former Texas State Representative
A government infested with power-hungry individuals who are willing to shred the Constitution for money and political gain. Texas now stands alone unbowed, unbroken as the U.S. government uses the power of the FBI and IRS to break her will. Weapons on both sides are cocked as both parties stand face to face and eye to eye. TEXAS will never blink!  - Durhl Caussey, The Focus Daily News