Mighty Big and Super Great : Texas Is The ''Lone Star State''!

Amber Manning

Bluebonnet Kids, a registered trademark imprint of Defiance Press, 2017

Get ready to take an ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIONAL stroll through TEXAS HISTORY while learning some FUN TEXAS FACTS along the way!! 

A TWO PART book. The first part is a rhyming and witty story that touches on some of the history of Texas while also introducing the importance, meaning and symbols that are relevant in our state. The second part includes 28 fun Texas facts mixed with more knowledge of fundamental elements such as the Texas pledge and our state song. 

Incredibly illustrated, the pictures depict exactly what the author had probably envisioned when writing the book. 

Useful in English and History classes, it also adds some extra excitement for children who bore easily when learning the basics. The style of presentation creates an easy way to remember important facts.

An upbeat, rhythmic Texas history lesson!!

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Hard Cover, Sew | ISBN: 9780998770444 | Publication Date: 11/02/2017


Kirkus Reviews: “In this debut picture book, Manning sets out to educate young readers about the history and commerce of her home state. Beginning with the Alamo, this work examines important Texas historical events and figures and supplies snippets about the state’s nickname, flag, flower and major industries.”

Reader’s Favorite: “Mighty Big and Super Great: Texas Is The ‘Lone Star State’!” by Amber Manning is first and foremost a beautiful book which introduces children to a story about history which is written in verse and is rhyming. It could even be sung! … The text is as appealing as the illustrations. They both convey a sense of courage, valor, adventure and history. What more could we ask from a history book for young children? It is enthusiastic and fascinating. This captivating “story” is as entertaining as it is enlightening; what's more, it is as beautiful as it is useful, and that is why I highly recommend it.”


Excerpts from the reviews on Amazon:

“An outstanding book on real Texas history for kids, not clouded by politically correct mumbo jumbo. Read this to my grand daughter and the vibrant illustrations and rhyming sentences kept her attention throughout the book. Cleverly written, it helps shape young minds into what makes Texas so special. Highly recommended.”

“Amber Manning obviously loves the state of Texas and wants others to know why. She also knows that it starts early, so rather than a treatise on the State she writes a children’s book. She lays out some of the great attributes that make the State what it is. She highlights its natural beauty and special cultural icons. But most of all she calls attention to its people because it is Texans that really make the State mighty big and super great.”

“The book is written in rhyme and gives lots of information about The Lone Star State. This would make a great book for any young child…Little Texans will love it. Those little ones who aren’t fortunate enough to live in the Lone Star State will love it, too…The illustrations are great and the information is wonderful…We give Mighty Big and Super Great: Texas Is The "Lone Star State"! all five stars. We think you will, too.”

“What a precious book about our Lone Star State! Not only is it fun to read but the facts flow throughout. As a former elementary teacher, I would definitely use this book during my study of Texas. The academic vocabulary will lead to so many discussions. Enjoy the bonus of fun facts and questions at the back!”