The Fall of the Western Empire

Marvin Tyson

Defiance Press, 2015

There are possibly more explanations for the fall of the Roman Empire than for any other event in history: from the theory that links the widespread use of lead in utensils and glass with mental impairment (and hence incapacity for rule) to the sequoia tree theory, which purports to show through reduced ring growth in these ancient trees how the period coinciding with the fall of empire was one of hardship and death. The more bizarre theories are entertaining but devoid of explanatory power. The question still remains: why did the empire fall? As Christie suggests, the question is misconceived, for rather than collapse there was in the west a process of transformation and in the east the empire continued, scarcely less 'Roman' than before even though Rome itself was not a component.

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Paperback | ISBN: 9780990543985 | Publication Date: 09/30/2015


"Great read for all Patriots wanting to return to the Constitution. Marvin Tyson did a great job portraying the need for change in our nation and states. He hits the nail on the head showing us the way to accomplish these needs. He also shows the love of Texians for our Republic and our freedoms. If you liked Patriots of Treason and State of Treason, you will love this book. Exciting and compelling."


"Not just a politician. The characters were perfect and essential to the plot. It is a good novel, but also has lessons on the constitution and realistic views of the political process. Marty wasn't just a politician, but a real patriot who wanted to and did all he could to be a part of making our country not only like it was in yesteryear but better. I didn't want to finish it because I didn't want it to end. But I wouldn't expect less from this author. Please give us more. I'm waiting for a sequel. Marvin Tyson is definitely up-and-coming. Onward Texas!"