A State of Treason

David Thomas Roberts

Defiance Press, 2014


The second book in the Patriots Series, by David Thomas Roberts, be prepared to stay on the edge of your seat as the saga continues.

A U.S. President with outward contempt for the Founding Fathers and the limits of the U.S. Constitution who's administration is rocked by scandals.

The Governor of Texas, the self-described mortal enemy of the President directs a legendary Texas Ranger, Pops Younger, to rescue a Tea Party organizer from clutches of federal agents. The resulting struggle sets the stage for a cataclysmic power struggle between officials in Austin, TX and Washington, D.C. further polarizing the nation, resulting in the arrest warrants of duly elected state officials.

The rest of the country and the world watches in awe and despair as the ''Texas Crisis'' unfolds, affecting world financial markets amid skyrocketing fuel prices. The Texas legislature sends the vote to the people of Texas and the President orders the vote stopped as he suspends the 2nd Amendment and declares martial law. Texas is now in A STATE OF TREASON.

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Paperback | ISBN: 9780990543916 | Publication Date: 10/01/2014


“Action, action, action!

Again, this book could be pulled from today's headlines. It picks up where the previous book (Patriot's of Freedom) left off. Exciting from the first pages. You will not be able to put this book down. I found the direction of the book to be very believable. I also loved the ending. If you like action and relevant subject matter, you will love this book. Hope the author has a third book in the works!” 


The accuracy of this tale is so great, you'll forget it's a novel and think you're living it.

Dave is not a native Texan, but he understands us and has written a book any native Texan would be proud of. His attention to detail and accuracy is incredible. As someone who is very familiar with the state geography, population groups, and political complexity, this read more like a retelling of a true account instead of a fictional novel. Dave nails every aspect. This is an incredible work, as is the sequel, and I have re-read them both several times and enjoy them just as much now as I did when I first bought them.” 


just plain awesome

To anybody that's not a Texan this may just be a good book, for me a Texan first, it was awesome. Although a work of fiction today 10-20-14, those with eyes to see would acknowledge it could easily be fact tomorrow! God bless Texas. -Edgar, proud Texan, Montgomery co. Texas” 

-edgar musslewhite