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Misty Boyd

Misty Boyd was born in August of 1983 with spina bifida, the same birth defect as her main character, Carissa, in her novel, "Carissa's Law”. Misty is a Christian, and her relationship with God is very important to her. She and her husband, James, have been married for 10 years and together for 19. They own a hedgehog named Meatball who is 6 months old. They have no children. She enjoys both dancing around her apartment, and singing at the top of her lungs in the car!

Donald R. Chambers, PhD

Donald R Chambers is a recently-retired (June 2017) professor of finance with 36 years of teaching experience. Dr. Chambers has written several books regarding investments and personal finance. He is the lead author of the 600+ page Modern Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice, the 1,000 page Alternative Investments. Dr. Chambers has published over 50 scholarly articles. Dr. Chambers has had numerous appearances in media including national television, national public radio, regional television and regional radio and frequently serves as a public speaker.

Ransom Grey

Born and raised in Lufkin, Texas, Ransom Grey learned the love of literature from an early age. Though always an avid reader, he began writing in middle school and won his first state-wide writing competition at 13. He began working on his first novel at the age of fifteen and quickly developed a love for writing fiction. In addition to writing, Grey is an avid photographer, designer, and coffee drinker.

Ronald Keyser

Ron Keyser was born in Marshall, Texas on September 24, 1957. By the time he was eleven years old, his family had moved to several different cities, including Tyler, College Station, Dallas, Overland Park, Kansas, Richardson, Austin, San Antonio and finally Houston. Throughout his life always enjoyed reading and believed one day he would write a book. It would never have happened if it wasn’t for his wife, Lori. Ruby's Prayer is Ron's first book, but he has several projects in the works and looks forward to seeing them in print.

Jeff Kirkham

Jeff Kirkham served almost 29 years as a Green Beret doing multiple classified operations for the US government.  He is the proverbial brains behind ReadyMan's survival tools and products and is also the inventor of the Rapid Application Tourniquet (RATS).  Jeff has graduated from numerous training schools and accumulated over 8 years "boots on the ground" in combat zones, making him an expert in surviving in war torn environments. Jeff spends his time, tinkering, inventing, writing and helping friends. His true passion is his family and spending quality time with his wife and sons.

Amber Manning

Amber Manning was born in Conroe, Texas! She has lived in Texas nearly all of her life. She has 3 sons that occupy most of her time. They are rowdy, handsome blessings and bring her great joy! She currently works full time as an Executive Assistant to the CEO. Her current boss and author, David Thomas Roberts, gave her the opportunity to write her first book!! When she's not working or parenting, she writes books for children!! Children have always held the most special place in her heart.

Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller is President of the Texas Nationalist Movement and has been an outspoken advocate for Texas independence since 1996. Miller has extensively researched and engaged the issue of self-determination, not just for Texas, but as part of a growing global trend.

Tanner T. Roberts

Born in Houston, Texas, Tanner Thomas Roberts has always had a passion for learning, reading and politics.  Tanner graduated from Texas A&M in 2013 with a B.S. in Economics. Tanner is a musician and enjoys writing music on both guitar and piano. He enjoys being terrible at golf and living an active lifestyle. At a young age, he began collecting comic books and continues to be an avid collector to feed his inner nerd. Tanner T. Roberts is a proud father to a beautiful daughter.

David Thomas Roberts

Webster’s Dictionary defines a Renaissance Man as: “a present-day man who has acquired profound knowledge or proficiency in more than one field.”

David Thomas Roberts’ definitely fits the description of a modern-day Renaissance Man.  Roberts is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and author.   Roberts founded a telecom technology firm based on a software idea he created and patented.  Roberts’ first foray into the world of writing resulted in his inaugural political suspense thriller, “Patriots of Treason,” which was followed by “A State of Treason” which won several Best Fiction awards and became bestsellers.  Roberts’ experience with his inaugural book again fanned the flames of his entrepreneurial spirit as he launched Defiance Press & Publishing (Defiance Press). Roberts also has penned “Unemployable: How to be Successfully Unemployed Your Entire Life.”  Although this book crossed into a completely different genre (Non-Fiction: Business), Roberts again experienced success as “Unemployable” was awarded Best Business Book of the Year – 2017 by the Texas Authors Association.  Roberts will again be delving into fiction and non-fiction with his new release “Purge on the Potomac” and his expose on the IRS in “The Death of Liberty” in which he collaborates with Congressmen, Senators and several IRS whistle-blowers on the recent IRS scandals and how the 16th Amendment has encroached on American liberties.


Jason Ross

Jason Ross has been a hunter, fisherman, shooter and preparedness aficionado since childhood and has spent tens of thousands of hours roughing it in the great American outdoors. He's an accomplished big game hunter, fly fisherman, an Ironman triathlete, SCUBA instructor, and frequent business mentor to U.S. military veterans. Jason splits his time between international humanitarian work, the homeless community and his wife and seven children.

Marvin Tyson

Marvin Tyson is a lifelong Texan of many generations (my first confirmed ancestors arrived in Texas about 1820-24), Marvin Tyson was born in Brown County in 1949. He was raised poor but served in Vietnam and became a pipe welder, then a welder and eventually a supervisor. Much to his honor, he was asked to develop a pipefitter and welder program for Alvin Community College.